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2 Careers, No Hobby

***FYI: I actually clicked publish at 11:59pm, but I just noticed it still should up as being posted for Wednesday (today) instead of yesterday (Tuesday). This’ll teach me to get off at eleven and race home to finish a post that should have been finished this morning.

I just finished reading my second ever Cosmo magazine, and there was a very inspiring article in there about following ALL of your dreams, not one.

In many cases ordinary people like myself tend to shy away from reaching for the stars because they cannot afford the climb. So, we find something we are equally good at but less passionate about, something that will pay the bills and support the 2.5 kids we may wish to one day have. We think far into the future about adult-like purchases and retirement, and we convince ourselves that we made the right decision by getting a regular 9 to 5 because without it how else would we be able to financially secure our future?

Well, now that I have somewhat of a regular 8 hour/ five day a week job (which is actually 3pm to 11pm and is actually just summer employment), I wish I would have followed me first dream: to major in English and find employment at a newspaper or magazine until I was able to write full time. For awhile I was somewhat regretful for this decision. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love nursing school and all of the experiences that come along with that, but I feel like I am still trying to find my comfort zone in that field. I know I will continue my education until I am either an educator or practitioner, but sometimes I feel so uninspired in that area. I love caring for people, but I feel my creativity is drained by all the nursing/ scientific theory. Or maybe I just haven’t found all to incorporate the right side of my brain to the left.

Well, anyway, a few days ago, I came across an article in Cosmo magazine in which the editor-in-chief talked about pursuing to careers at once: editing a magazine and writing fiction. She says many people has asked her, “Why and how could she do that?,” and she said her reply was, “Why not?”.

Well, this got me to thinking that maybe there is hope for my writing career after all. I know pursuing a double career in two unrelated fields may be a stretch, especially right now while I still have a lot to learn about both the field of nursing and the craft of writing. But, with just a little extra self-disciple (and a little less of a life), I say, “Why not?”


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