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  • "I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it." -Shug Avery (The Color Purple)

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My Year, My Life…This 2011

This time 2010 I had sworn off men, made a tight new “girl” alliance and dove head first into academia with a new found vigor and confidence. A month later I was an emotional, financial and social wreck. This year my hope is to be different.

I have decided not to stress my mind with a list of senseless resolutions. My hope for this new year is to be a better person. A happier person. A person more content with the gifts God has given me, instead of being in constant search for the ones he didn’t.

Usually my thoughts are racing faster than I can catch them and my body going in every direction nature will allow it to go at once. But God has given me an outlet and a new focus. He has given me all those things for which I used to dream about, wonder about for split seconds between hastily made decisions. Through this experience I know He loves me, a sinner, a borderline disbeliever. I now have true love, peace of mind and unbridled joy. So for this new year I pray and hope that I hold onto this peace and with it become a much better person.

A beautifully, admirable woman.

Peace and Thanksgiving


5 Responses

  1. hey Sugah’—thank you so much for stopping by–please keep in touch with me so we can talk about hair and stuff—you need to get rid of the weave and be proud of the hair you’ve been blessed to have!—-let’s chat one day!

    • @EssenseVibez…Yeah will do. And I know I must get rid of this weave, and regret to say it has become somewhat of an addiction. We will def have to chat about hair because another problem of mine is finding styles that fit me or that I love without having to attack it with my flat iron!!!

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. Good way to be, I believe.

    There are numerous times where I have wondered why things are the way they are in my life, and such questions usually left me perplexed and stressed.

    Only until I learned to accept the things I cannot change … did I experience an incredible peace.

    Your post kinda reminded me of the arrived moment of truth. Much joy to you in this new year.

  3. “A person more content with the gifts God has given me, instead of being in constant search for the ones he didn’t.”

    I love it!! So true. Yes, 2011 is about moving on and really accepting all that we are.

  4. welcome back—-so glad you’re continuing your education in the field you love—
    thank God you took out the weave–LOL—embrace your natural hair gurl
    your natural beauty will shine through—please keep in touch with me—
    it takes time to get use to the kinky curls–lemme know if i can help—
    make sure you stop by and view my nutty videos i made–LOL
    remain blessed!

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