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In Due Time… Update

Some time ago, I posted a page titled In Due Time…and it listed all the personal and academic goals I had set to accomplish over the course of a few months. So, I decided to post an update on how I’m doing with that.

Begin nursing clinicals and be successful
I’ve begun, but I can’t really measure the extent of my success right now. My instructor told me I suffer from a lack of confidence because, theoretically, I’m smart, but when I’m in the room with a patient I was look to to gauge her reaction. Sooo, this goal is up for modification, meaning I’m somewhat successful; I just need to be more confident in my actions, especially since I know what I’m doing. But, what can I say my nerves got the best of me.

Make all As in one semester
OK…so at the point I’m at now; it is impossible for me to meet this goal. Right now I’m doing average, which is my fault. I let some personal problems hold me up for a little longer than what I should have.

Become more consistent with my blogging
I’m doing a little better at this, and actually I have a new blog that I started with my old college roommate. It speaks for itself so check it out sometime.

Be more patient with my nieces
Ever since I lost my car, I haven’t even been able to spend much time with them. But I did get to see them this past weekened at my little cousin’s skate party…didn’t realize how much I had missed them.

Become a Big Sister to a child in my community
Again, since I lost my car this goal had to be put on hold.

Be more understanding and tolerant with my friends
Before my car accident I had been praying for clarity. After my car accident I realized I was trying to be more understading and tolerant of the wrong set of friends and my skepticism of them was right on target.

Get my credit back on track (retail addiction and student loans ain’t no joke)
Ahhh…once again, due to my car accident, this was put on hold because all of my cash is tied up into trying to get a new car.

Take a long walk with a clear mind
I take long walks, usually with the cell phone glued to my head, or texting. Sooo, I’m still working on the clearing my mind part.

Be satisfied and content even though I am single woman nowMmmmm…..

Move on and let the pass stay where it belongs
This is the only goal I truly say I’ve done to completion.

Write the next Great American Novel (or at least a decent collection of poetry)
Not even close….

Develop a closer and more trusting relationship with God
This was going good for a while. But for me being close to God is like being on medicine. After I’ve done it for a while, I feel good…so GREAT I think I can do it on my on. So, I let it for a while and before you know it I’m withdrawing. So…that’s where I am now. Trying to get back on track and all I can say is I THANK HIM EVERYDAY FOR BEING A MERCIFUL AND GRACIOUS GOD.

Realize that all things take time and rushing only messes it up!
Because I am a constant worrier I know this is the one goal that is going to take a whole lot of time and effort…



7 Responses

  1. Hmm…did you refer to your roomate as old??? LOL

    I think you have some great goals listed above, and also you set a pretty high bar for yourself. My question is when you look back on the attempts you’ve made at achieving these goals, do you feel you have improved your position or ability to meet these goals and much more?

    I believe the answer is yes and more success will soon follow.

  2. Definitely feeling you on being more understanding with my friends. I could stand more of the same myself. I believe it would go a long ways towards a positive friendship with a few, including certain relatives.

    All my nieces and nephews reside in Milwaukee. I recently visited Minnesota and failed to take the time to stop and spend time with ’em, while driving to and fro.

    Every time I read something concerning nursing school on blogs it always beings back memories of when my ex had me literally pulling out my hair. LOL! Those clinical days took a LOT out of her.

    • @Don
      AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLINICALS!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL! All i can say is summer will be truly welcomed..

  3. How is everything? Is it cool if I follow you on Twitter?

    • Hey!! I’m good thanks for asking. It would be great if you would follow me on twitter. I have a lot of new blog material that I have been writing here and there just now time to actually sit down and flesh it out. After school ended I got my CNA license and now I have 2 jobs working as an aid (one day job and one nite job). So as you can imagine I work and sleep with not much time for anything else which is why my blog has been deserted, but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to put some stuff up. But look, Im gonna swing over to your blog rite quick cuz I haven’t been there n a minute. And again, thanks for stopping by.

  4. I went to a leadership conference earlier this year and he instructed us to write down our goals for the year, carry them with us (like in a wallet), review them once a month. Even if we don’t make progress, it helps with accountability. I’m sure priorities had to shift with your car accident (glad you are alright) and that’s ok, because we really can’t plan our life, just kinda wish for what we’d like to do and see where it takes us.

    You can do it!! Just keep praying and keep trucking along.

    Nice blog!

    • @ Lissa
      Thank you for that. It has been awile since I’ve looked at the list, but my life has changed so much since then. At first for the worst and the for the WHOLE LOT BETTER!

      And no we can’t plan our lives that’s why I keep God first, or at least i try to.

      Peace and Thanksgiving

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