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MLK Day of Reflection on a Successful Day of Service

For lack of time, excuse the brevity of such an important post.

Yesterday, New Orleans hosted a day of service in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The event was organized by City Year a division of Americorps, and I have to say I was proud.

There were so many Black faces that showed up, not because of job/ community service obligations, but because they wanted to celebrate the day by doing something positive and uplifting, rather than going to a parade to dance, drink and shoot (It’s sad to say, but it happens every year).

The reason I mentioned “Black faces” was because I’m always going to events like this, and most times I am one of a few Black people present. And usually the projects are taken place in a Black community. So it was nice to see people doing something for their OWN community rather than sit back and watch others do it.


2 Responses

  1. Keywords: our own community instead of sitting back watching and waiting for someone to save us.

    Cause you know this is exactly what we do.

  2. Don

    Thanks for stopping by…

    But isn’t it good to know that time brings about change.

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