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Here I Go Again…LORD, let me get it right this time!

It feels so good to be back here, writing with a mind clear of clutter, frustration and confusion. It’s been a long hard while but I got through and am ready to start anew.

The crazy thing is that is seems like I “start anew” at least once every six months.

Well, anyways…I want to say the Lord is a true and constant guiding light who can guide us all to victory if only we choose to follow.

If you’ve been reading my blog it’s quite obvious that I didn’t choose to follow, so I’ve been wandering astray for the last 5 months or so.

But God being the merciful GOD He is, delivered me from me own “imminent self-destruction” and allowed me to keep my nursing school career, health and spirit intact in spite of the many detours I took throughout the semester. Just a few minutes ago I received my grades for my first semester of nursing school, and they are as follows:

Nursing School Success…A

Human Physiology…B

Human Anatomy…C

Introduction to Professional Nursing…A


All the grades that weren’t an A could have been an A had it not been for the distractions I allowed to linger in my life. But, no time for regrets only thanksgiving to God who allowed me to pass onto my next level of classes. Although I was the one who put my dreams and faith in second place for something I thought to be more important, the LORD kept me first and for that I am forever grateful.

I’ve promised my self to take in everyday patiently and with love, not to rush and ponder over things unchangeable, and to thank God at the beginning and end of everyday.

I have many goals and dreams for myself and will stop taking my time for granted and become more focused on my many tasks at hand.

**I know this post was real Faith heavy, and I know that of lately I have not been following my Faith as diligently as I once did, but I am human and thankful that God is a forgiving God no matter how many times we may go against His Word!!!


7 Responses

  1. sounds like a winner anytime you or any person is delivered from “imminent self-destruction.” i have resided in such a place myself once upon a time and as you know it definitely takes a greater power to be delivered from such darkness.

    consider yourself blessed.

    your grades still are very impressive considering all. my ex is a nurse and we lived together while she attended nursing school so the courses brought a smile to my face. i remember how i used to stay up into the wee hours of the night helping her study.

  2. Don-

    Thanx for your comment. It is all a learning process for me, one of the many growing pains I guess. But that is why I am thankful to this blog and my few faithful followers because it gives me a place to document my growth.

    Hopefully, that’ll keep me from making too many of the same mistakes twice!!

  3. you are so right about opening up and revealing through blogging which allows for perfect reflection.

  4. Professional book reviewer. Nice. Another hidden talent I see….:)

    Sounds like an interesting book. My sweetheart likes Joyce Meyer’s fiction novels. They follow the same format. Christian but still down-to-earth, realistic and not too preachy.

    Hope you’re having a great new year so far!

    • Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a professional, but thanks for your kind words. I have a Joyce Meyer book at home that I’ve never read. It was a gift, and I just never got around to reading it because it’s a health book not a novel. But your comment gives me the initiative to check it out.

      Hope your year is great also!!!

  5. Nice to see you’re on the right path. I love it when god delivers us from evil and ourselves. It’s so good to come out of teh darkness 🙂 I’m in a different but similar place myslf. Beautiful struggle.



  6. Thank you for your time and words. I pray and know that God will deliver you in His own time.

    And yes it is a beautiful struggle.

    Last week, my nursing professor showed us a power point with a song playing…and in the song the man said “Life may not always be beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride…” it moved me because of its truth………..

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