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Isn’t His Hair Gray Enough?!?!?


As many of you may already know, President Obama visited the Big Easy last week just to let us know that he did not forget about us.

How sweet.

And no. I am not being sarcastic. If everything was not so political and this nation not so high strung, what the president did, in the most simplistic terms, was very sweet. So, why is everyone so bent out of shape because he did not “spend the night” or hold every black person’s hand or let give him a personal tour of what ever part of the city, they felt was the most hard hit and the least remembered.

People, just because the president and his family are undeniably, coco buttered, ashy skinned, B&B hair greased Black folk, does not mean that he will not act as most presidents and other public officials have, which is…POLITICAL!!! He has sent members of his administration ahead of him to do the tedious work. You know, figuring out which places need the most help NOW, how much it’ll cost and what points the president needs to focus on in his speech. This man is the leader of this nation, not the city of New Orleans. He can not hold hands and take a stroll around the lower ninth ward and shake his head in disbelief for every hard luck story that’s offered to him. Please accept his sympathy in the best way he know how and can give it to you right now. Trust him like you said you would when you voted for him. Love him like you did when you shouted “YES WE CAN!!!” all throughout his campaign, before the roads got as tough as he said they would. Please, don’t be like a weak lover, who has taken their vows, and then wake up in the middle of one desperate and night and decide you cannot go no further with the person they have chosen.

Also, most people from New Orleans, and much of the rest of the Southern part of Louisiana, tend to forget that WE ARE apart of Louisiana. Just because many of us associate Bobby Jindal and the rest of our elephant loving fellow state members with the Northern of “tha boot” does not make them any less apart of us. And until we become nationally recognized as North and South Louisiana, two separate and totally different states , WE ARE ONE. And whatever happens, in either the north or south whether it’s good or bad, the whole state will get recognition for it.

I say all that to say, please don’t make the man’s hair any grayer than it already is. He is trying his best and went out of his way to show support to a state that, as whole, did not support him.
Instead, thank our wonderfully politically retarded leader—Governor Bobby Jindal. I respect him as the man who has appointed to represent us, but still, I wonder. I mean, even the Governator of California has gotten with the program. Sometimes you just need to draw the line between political revenge and doing what is best for your constituents. WE NEED HEALTH CARE. WE NEED JOBS. And it is your beloved governor who is hindering the progress and much needed support of our president. So stop acting all surprised when we because it seems as if we are only a pit stop in the president’s schedule because, with the way this state his going and him being the president and all and this being a state that is mostly politically lost to him anyway , he did not have to stop at all.

And our president is such a smooth, smooth man that when they booed Gov. Jindal as he took the stage, the president offered his support instead of an “I told you so stare.”

Really, who can be mad at a MAN like that?


4 Responses

  1. Great post! People have a lot to say about the President, but it’s probably one of the hardest jobs in the world to be a leader of a people and a country.

    • I know that’s why I decided to write about his visit in this way, to show my support. I wouldn’t say I love and understand everything he is doing, but overall he IS doing a GREAT job from what I can see.

  2. It kills me when people overly criticize Barack Obama, as if he doesn’t have any ideal concerning ANYTHING. Like being on the outside looking in weighs more heavily than being on the inside looking out.

    F*cking ignorance.

    • First of all, thanks for visiting my site. Your feedback is appreciated. Please come again.

      Yeah it is ignorance. People just don’t realize how much work goes into EVERYTHING. Education is key, but first must come cooperation and understanding.

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