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I’m so Excited…BUT wish I had been warned!!!

Contrary to what most may believe about me, I do not mind working for what I want (or need), neither am I to weak to pick myself up after being knocked down.

But, like most humans, I would appreciate a sign or two if the road ahead is about to get a bit rocky.

For almost the entirety of the summer (and much of the Spring), I have been looking forward to being accepted into and beginning nursing school. The first part happened (the acceptance), and the second part (the beginning) seem to have taken forever to get here. Oh, how long I’ve waited for this day to arrive!

But now that it’s here I’m stressed, feeling slightly unblessed (God please don’t punish me for writing/ verbalizing that!) and questioning my sanity for believing that returning to college to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in nursing only three months after graduating with my first degree was my best option. If I’m feeling like this only after my 2nd orientation, with one more tomorrow, I dread to find what I will be feeling by the end of this week.

I don’t even know what the work load is going to be like yet, it’s all the financial obligations have to the school that has me sitting on edge. Especially the ones we just found out about on Friday. The ones that are due tomorrow. The ones we need to have paid before classes start on Wednesday. And no, I am not talking about tuition and fees, all of which are already covered by my financial aid. I am talking about a bunch of “stuff” we need to have done by January, but for some reason or another, need to have paid for by tomorrow!

Here’s a glimpse of the cash I need by tomorrow (this is a close estimation because my head began to hurt as I was totaling up the “bill” ):

Fingering printing and background checks for the hospitals where I will do my clinicals… 150.00
Books… 500.00 (give or take fifty, okay so I new I would pay a lot for books, but one of my classes wants five books and a journal publication, I wish we could have been warned about this)
Clicker (for in class quizzes):20
Scrubs (the only school that I know of that )…60.00 (for two pairs)

Last year, when I was able to work and go to school and I didn’t have to worry about putting gas in my car every week, this list would not have been a problem. But, this summer, all of my job applications went unanswered, so my income has been pretty much stuck on 0.

Which means I will have to do a magic trick, recite a few hail Marys and cross my heart and wait for a miracle so I can be Sabrina Willis, SN (student nurse) come this Wednesday.

*OK, that was me being a little dramatic.*

So anyway, after burrowing money and making an emergency loan through the school my cortisol levels began to return to normal and my chest stop making those funny noises every time I took a deep breath.

Now with all of this being said, do I regret my decision of going to nursing school? NOOOO!!!! I’m a resourceful, dedicated and persistent individual (or so I say to myself during my in-the-mirror pep talk). I just kinda wish I had been told a couple of weeks before the deadline rather than a few days before that I would need all that extra cash just to begin class.


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  1. Ahh…school, full of surprises. Good luck on your second Bachelors degree. Also don’t let money stress you out, though it may seem hard not to.

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